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Linear metallurgical sampler

Linear metallurgical sampler

Improved production predictability and metal-accounting transparency

The Metso Outotec linear metallurgical sampler (LMS) enables parallel sampling schedules and collection options of process samples. This enables improved production predictability and transparency of metal accounting.

Improved process audits and production transparency


Improved production predictability and control of metallurgical mass balance


Reliable and efficient production reporting with reduced need for laboratory assays


High integrity of samples and maximized equipment availability

Linear metallurgical sampler (LMS) - Improved accuracy, availability and reliability
Typical scope of delivery

Metso Outotec's linear metallurgical sampler (LMS) offers the following typical scope of delivery:

  • Linear metallurgical sampler (LMS) drive unit
  • Sampler enclosure
  • Secondary sampler
  • Local control unit with user interface
Technical specifications

The Metso Outotec linear metallurgical sampler (LMS) provides the following technical specifications:

  • Integrated controls and safety
  • High performance 11 kW gear motor
  • Belt drive system
  • Mild steel construction
  • Rubber-lined wet parts
  • Stainless steel sample cutter

Standard interfaces for plant automation connectivity (Profibus, Profinet, Modbus).




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