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Diversity and Inclusion

We believe that everyone is at their best when they can be themselves
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Diversity & Inclusion strategy

We are committed to developing Metso Outotec into a workplace where diversity and inclusion are embedded into our culture, fostered and promoted. ​We believe a diverse and inclusive work environment positively impacts our business and will help us reach our full potential as individuals and as a company.

Our D&I priorities
  • D&I focused KPI in our employee engagement survey
  • Building awareness inside the organization through workshops and communications
  • Conscious inclusion training to all employees​
  • Increasing awareness on inclusive recruitment practices
  • Removing barries and bias from our processes
  • Building psychological safety in our teams
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We believe a diverse and inclusive work environment has a positive impact on our business. This year we aim to increase diversity across our business by increasing awareness on inclusive recruitment practices and providing conscious inclusion training to all employees.
Marjut Kumpulampi-Santos, VP, Talent and Development
Psychological safety
Psychological safety

One key action in the diversity and inclusion journey we are on, is to continue building psychological safety in our teams. The role of psychological safety really can’t be emphasized enough. A safe environment where everyone is able to speak up and ask for help without the fear of negative consequences is a pre-requisite for high performance and mental well-being.