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Planet Positive offering

Our Planet Positive offering

We offer sustainable value to our customers and have a significant impact on the environment and people through our offering – we call this our handprint. By sharing our knowledge and combining forces with customers, partners and communities, we can accelerate sustainable development in our industries and ensure that together, we do our part in limiting global warming to 1.5 degrees.

Planet Positive offering

There is an enormous demand for environmental efficiency within our customer’s industries. The mining industry especially, as it is highly energy and water intensive. We provide our customers with durable, energy-efficient equipment and services that last for a long life-cycle.

It is important for equipment and services suppliers like us to support our customers, and to help them achieve the rapid production increase of battery metals supporting electrification. Industries such as aggregates, minerals processing and metals refining have significant carbon footprints themselves, since rock comminution and processing is very energy intensive and consume around 5% of the world’s power. To reach net zero - which is the goal for most leading mining companies - will require a shift towards renewables-based electricity and an increase in energy efficiency. For this, significant technology innovation is needed in order to make equipment more energy and water efficient and fully capable of operating effectively using renewable power.

Central to our sustainability efforts is our Planet Positive offering. These are products that have considerably more energy or water efficiency than the market standard, therefore helping our customers cut their CO2 emissions and/or achieve their other sustainability priorities such as reducing pollution. Planet Positive Services can also improve customers’ processes to achieve similar benefits. To qualify as Planet Positive means ensuring that designated products and services can make a meaningful contribution to our customers’ efforts towards reaching their own climate and other environmental targets.    Planet Positive qualification criteria is consistent with our customers reaching their own publicly stated climate change goal and other environmental targets, e.g. for reducing their carbon footprint.

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Our Planet Positive portfolio

The Planet Positive portfolio already includes over 100 products. Our goal is to keep expanding and improving this offering by continuously innovating. We aim to have a Planet Positive product for every part of our customers' value chain. To achieve this, all our R&D projects must have sustainability targets and we actively track our Planet Positive sales. We expect Planet Positive to form a growing part of our overall sales in the future.

Safe customer operations

Safety is the license to operate in the industries that we serve. Metso Outotec's products are designed to meet all the relevant standards, norms and directives in their respective delivery countries. Our products are delivered with the appropriate information and instructions to ensure safe operation, services and maintenance. In addition, we offer a wide range of life cycle services to ensure that all products in use will continue to meet existing and future requirements throughout their life cycle. Safety of our products and our people are some of the key drivers in our research and development work.

Even though safety is not a Planet Positive qualification criteria, it is always included. For each Planet Positive product, we have included an assessment to ensure that no indication of negative impact to safety has been identified when compared to the use of the benchmark product. A Planet Positive product is always required to perform at the same or preferably higher level than the industry benchmark product(s) in terms of health and safety, as well as pollution, and biodiversity impact.

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