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Privacy Notice

This Privacy Notice has been updated on 1st of July 2020. It is also available in Chinese, Finnish, PortugueseRussian and Spanish.

Introduction and contact details

All Metso Outotec companies are committed to protecting your privacy. We will process your personal data only in accordance with relevant data protection and privacy legislation and good data processing practices.

Metso Outotec Corporation (“Metso Outotec” or “we”) is the controller for the personal data concerning Metso Outotec customers, website visitors, distributors, suppliers, contractors, job applicants, shareholders, insiders and inventors.

In this Privacy Notice, we tell you about Metso Outotec's personal data processing in general and provide you with instructions on how to exercise your rights regarding to processing of your personal data. Data subject specific supplements provide more specific information on what kind of personal data we process and what are the purposes for processing personal data about you in specific situations.

Controller Contact Information:
Metso Outotec Corporation
Töölönlahdenkatu 2
00100 Helsinki, Finland

Why are we processing your personal data, what types of data we process and on which basis?

By opening a relevant section below, you will find information on which types of personal data we collect and process about you. Each section will also explain what are our purposes for processing your personal data and what are the legal bases for processing.

Who can process your personal data?

At Metso Outotec, your personal data is processed only by personnel who are authorized to do so based on their role. Your personal data is processed by third parties only in the following situations which apply to transfers and disclosures of personal data:

Service Providers

We use service providers in order to manage and operate our business. Service providers are needed for a variety of purposes, such as payment and invoice management, carrying out marketing activities and providing our online services. These service providers can only process your personal data based on our instructions and use it only for purposes defined by Metso Outotec. Such processing is always regulated by data processing agreements in order to ensure that all our service providers keep your personal data safe and process it only in accordance with applicable legislation.

In cases where your personal data is transferred to service providers outside of the European Union (EU) and the European Economic Area (EEA), we ensure the protection of your personal data by using European Commission’s Standard Contractual Clauses. Where applicable, transfers of personal data to service providers outside of the EU and EEA can also be secured by relying on an adequacy decision adopted by the European Commission.

Disclosures of Personal Data

In certain situations, we have to disclose your personal data to another controller, who will use that personal data for its own purposes. Such disclosure of personal data can happen for example to authorities when Metso Outotec is obliged to do so based on a statutory requirement.

If re-arrangements in our business operations would happen, your personal data might have to be disclosed to relevant stakeholders of that re-arrangement. 

Sharing Data Within Metso Outotec Corporation

Additionally, Metso Outotec may disclose and transfer your personal data within the Metso Outotec group of companies. Where such intra-group transfers or disclosures take place, Metso Outotec is ensuring the security and confidentiality of your personal data by using Intra-Group Data Transfer Agreements.

Protective measures

Metso Outotec uses robust technical and organizational measures to protect the confidentiality, integrity and availability of your personal data. Our information security controls ensure the protection of it from unauthorized viewing, modification, dissemination, or destruction and provide the necessary recovery mechanisms from accidental as well as malicious destruction, alteration or loss. We use role-based access control to ensure that your personal data is processed only by appropriate personnel. Your personal data processed by Metso Outotec is protected with state-of-the-art information security technologies. Protective measures also include data protection related guidelines and procedures trained to employees in order to ensure secure and lawful processing of your personal data.

How long do we process your personal data?

By default, we store personal data only as long as is necessary for the purposes it was collected for. When personal data is no longer needed for the purpose it was originally collected for it will be deleted or anonymized, unless we have a legal obligation to retain data for a longer period. This means that the retention periods we have defined for your personal data vary depending on the processing purpose, type of personal data, and local requirements.

Here are a few examples of personal data retention periods:

  • Customers’ and suppliers’ personal data is stored for as long as is needed for maintaining the customer or supplier relationship.
  • Storing website visitors’ personal data depends on the cookies in use. For more information, see our Cookie Statement.
  • If you have subscribed into receiving marketing communications from us, we store your personal data for electronic direct marketing purposes for as long as you withdraw your consent for personal data processing.
  • Job applicants’ personal data is in most cases stored for one year. However, local exceptions may apply, such as when applying to our German entities the personal data is stored for 780 days.

What are your rights as a data subject?

As a data subject you have certain rights which help you to control your own personal data and to affect the way it is being processed. In this section, we provide you information about your rights as a data subject. If you wish to use your rights, please contact us by email at privacy(at)mogroup.com.

Please note that as a registered user, you may access and amend your contact details and other profile information at any time through Metso Outotec Preference Center or other Metso Outotec service where you have a user account registered.

Right of Access

You have the right to obtain confirmation as to whether or not your personal data is being processed by us and to know what personal data about you we process. If you wish, you may request for a copy of such data.

Right to Rectification

If your personal data is incorrect or incomplete, you have the right to request for rectification or completion of your personal data. 

Right to be Forgotten

You have the right to request your personal data to be erased. In such a case we will delete your personal data unless we have a legal obligation or other overriding reason to retain your data. Please note that after deletion of your personal data, Metso Outotec may not be able to provide you or your employer company the products, services or information you have inquired or ordered.

Restriction of Processing, Right to Object, Data Portability and Withdrawal of Consent

In certain situations, you have the right to request us to restrict the processing of your personal data, for example if personal data concerning you is inaccurate. Based on your particular situation, you may also have the right to object the processing of your personal data, in which case we will evaluate whether there are any compelling legitimate grounds for continuance of processing. You may always object processing for the purpose of direct marketing. In some cases, you may also have the right to data portability.

In cases where the processing of your personal data is based on your consent, you have the right to withdraw your consent for processing at any time.

We will do our best to resolve any issue you might have related to our processing of your data through negotiations. However, if you consider that our processing infringes your rights as a data subject, you have the right to file a complaint to your local supervisory authority.

Can this Privacy Notice be changed?

There will be updates to this Privacy Notice whenever changes or developments in our business operations require so. The up-to-date version of the Privacy Notice can always be found on this Website. We recommend that you revisit this Privacy Notice from time to time in order to review any possible changes. If any substantial changes in the way Metso Outotec collects or processes your personal data occur, we will post a notice of such change on our website.