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Bridging the knowledge gap

Metso Outotec Training Academy provides training that helps bridge the knowledge gap between your personnel, equipment and operational goals. We offer comprehensive and tailored training programs designed to improve your team’s technical knowledge and improve the safety and productivity of your operation.

Improved safety

Fewer accidents and safer working environment

Higher performance

Better productivity and cost-efficiency

Global expert network

Covering a wide range of equipment and processes

Culture of safety and learning

Higher employee satisfaction and engagement

Discover Training Academy

Metso Outotec Training Academy brings together a global team of technical experts and trainers. With decades of experience and broad industry knowledge, we can provide high-quality training to your personnel.

Our courses span from theory to hands-on practical courses, from single equipment training to the plant-wide solution. We offer training on-demand and tailor them to customer equipment and process.

Metso Outotec training academy
Innovation Center for training
Digital solutions for training
At Metso Outotec Training Academy, we actively use digital solutions for training. From remote training sessions to the use of virtual experience (VR) technology, various simulators, Innovation Center and more.

Training offering for Mining, Aggregates and Metals refining industries

Technical overview

Mechanical, instrumentation, electrification, automation, hydraulic and pneumatic overviews

Operational overview

Parameter adjustment and operational overviews


Guidelines on safe use of equipment and the relevant safety regulations

Maintenance and after-sales support

Guidelines on services and performing maintenance in a safe and correct manner

Training for all project phases
Training covers equipment and processes in all project phases

Theory training

These classroom-based course covers basic operation principles, training on the operator interface unit, safe use of Metso Outotec equipment and after-sales support. It is intended for operators, supervisors, maintenance personnel, and technical specialists. It can also be used as a refresher course for personnel who already have a basic knowledge of equipment.

Hands-On training

In addition to the theory training, the hands-on course connects the classroom-based information to practical experience. The course provides operators and technical specialists with practical knowledge on running, maintaining, and troubleshooting Metso Outotec equipment.

Advanced training

To build up competence in specific systems, tailored advanced training courses provide more in-depth information for specific units of equipment. They also cover process optimization and provides training on how to move towards more proactive maintenance. These courses are tailored to customer needs and are a combination of classroom and hands-on based training.

Training delivery methods

  • eLearning self-study and webinar recordings
  • Lecture in a virtual or physical classroom
  • Hands-on training on-site
  • Hands-on training in a simulator
  • Competence follow-up
Hands-On training
Advanced training
Training delivery methods
Join our webinars
Join our webinars and learn more about the mining, aggregates and metals refining industries. Get to know our business and technical experts who share their know-how so that you can perform to your best.

Did you know...

In the US alone, there are 20 billion-dollar losses annually due to unscheduled downtime. 80% of these losses are preventable and even 40% occur mainly due to human error.

Source: ARC Advisory Group

Training journey
Training journey

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