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Manufacturing sand

Quality. Consistency. Profitability.

Rapid urbanization and population growth drive the need for new buildings and infrastructure, making sand a high-demand commodity. Manufacturing sand is a way to preserve natural riverbanks and shorelines where sand would otherwise be extracted, reduce energy consumption, and utilize aggregate waste as a raw material for sellable product.

Produce based on customer demand

Producing manufactured sand to order according to customers’ specifications makes your process and raw material usage more efficient.

Turn waste stockpiles into profitable product

Manufacturing sand from waste stockpiles is an ideal way to produce a high-quality commercial product that has a market and high demand.

Save in transport and logistics costs

The distance to market is reduced dramatically because the sand is not sourced from distant shorelines or riverbanks.

High and stable quality for improved price

Unlike with natural sand, you have full control over end product quality. Eliminate reject. Produce sand with optimum shape and gradation to justify a premium price.

Sand manufacturing process
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