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Enabling sustainable modern life
Sustainability is a strategic priority for Metso Outotec and at the core of our offering and operations. We operate efficiently and in a responsible manner, and take into consideration the environment, safety and well-being of people and the planet. We strive to create the biggest possible impact by actively supporting and enabling our customers in their sustainability ambitions. Our Planet Positive offering focuses on energy and water efficiency which contributes to a circular and carbon-neutral economy.
Our sustainability agenda

Our sustainability agenda

Our strategy identifies sustainability as a top priority. We have developed a more diverse sustainability strategy. We are striving for net zero and committed to limiting global warming to 1.5 °C.

Our sustainability agenda consists of focus areas for our handprint and footprint. Handprint is the positive impact we make on the environment and people. With our sustainable offering, our customers can improve their environmental efficiency, productivity and reduce risks.

It is also important we take care of our own footprint, meaning our environmental impact when producing goods and services and delivering them to the customer. We aim to minimize any harmful impacts to the environment, people in our own operations, logistics and supply chain.



Our climate impacts

Our purpose is to “Enable sustainable modern life.” A large part of our sustainability focus is on climate change and limiting global warming to 1.5°degrees. Climate change is one of the biggest challenges in sustaining our current way of life. It is a global challenge – one that Metso Outotec can play a significant role in addressing and impacting.

For the global warming to stay within 1.5 degrees, the world needs to get to net zero emissions by 2050. For this to happen, a major transformation is needed in downstream power emissions from carbon fuels towards renewables and other low carbon technologies. Inevitably, this will lead to an increased worldwide demand for metals significantly, especially clean energy materials and battery metals such as copper, nickel and lithium.

We can create the biggest positive change by enabling our customers to reach their sustainability targets. As a leading supplier of equipment and services, and given how energy intensive rock comminution and processing is, our approach to technology and innovation really matters.

Our target is to reduce our own CO2 emissions to reach net zero by 2030. We are also aiming to reduce CO2 emissions by 20% in logistics by 2025, and targeting that 30% of the supplier spend by the end of 2025 with partners who have also set a science based emission target. Baseline year for all the targets is 2019. In addition, we aim for 100% of our R&D project spend to be on initiatives that have a sustainability target related to energy, emissions, water, circularity or safety.

Our climate impacts
Planet Positive - our approach to sustainability

Planet Positive - our approach to sustainability

Central to our sustainability efforts is our Planet Positive portfolio. These specific products and services - which already consists of over 100 products - address our customers’ sustainability needs by being demonstrably more energy or water efficient than the industry benchmark.

This further helps our customers cut their CO2 emissions, as well as achieve any other sustainability priorities such as managing pollution. Our Planet Positive services also improve customers’ processes, and can allow them to achieve similar benefits.

Planet Positive offering

Our aim is to keep expanding and improving this offering by continuously innovating technologies that are more energy and water efficient. We aim to have a Planet Positive product for every part of our customers’ value chain. We expect Planet Positive to form a growing part of our overall sales in the future, and to give us a real competitive advantage.

However, fight against climate change is a joint effort between companies and countries, and to achieve the result, we need to work with our customers to provide them with energy and carbon efficient products and related services to support the 1.5-degree journey. Together, we can create a better future. We are the partner for positive change.

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