Haul truck bed liners

Haul truck bed liners

Durable bed coating for haul trucks

Haul truck bed liners protect the truck from wear. The repeated impact and stress of loading and dumping heavy, abrasive material can cause expensive damage to the truck body and whole vehicle. Metso Outotec rubber truck bed liners absorb this impact and stress and prevent the truck from damage, resulting in less maintenance. They also significantly improve the work environment by cutting the perceived noise by 50% and reducing vibrations by 97%.

Availability and performance

Up to 300% longer service life.

Easy to work with

Modular design makes the lining easier to install and maintain. 

Safer  working environment

50% less perceived noise and 97% less vibrations

Lower total cost

Keep trucks in operation by preventing wear and damage.

Webinar: Haul More with Less, how to improve haul truck performance
Haul truck bodies

Metso Outotec Truck Body is a unique, one-piece, light-weight hybrid haul truck tray that combines the best of high strength steel and rubber.

It is designed to lower hauling costs in addition offering a safer working environment and maximizing payload.

More about Metso Outotec Truck Body

Haul truck bodies
Lining solution
Lining solution

Modular lining system.

Solutions to reduce impact, wear, carry-back and noise.

Solutions applicable for heated box, cold and hot climate or any other type of truck tray. 

Monitor systems

Health monitoring system to measure vibration, noise and others to identify weaknesses and opportunities for a healthier truck fleet.

Tire monitoring system to measure tire pressure and temperature to prevent unexpected tire failures.

Result is savings in tires and fuel consumption when used together with Metso Outotec haul truck bed liners.

Monitor systems

Engineering of customized solutions. 

Repair of used truck bodies and trays.

Installation of complete truck bed lining.

Wear monitoring and analysis. 

Performance follow-up and reporting.

Financial solutions

Cost per ton agreements.

Life-Cycle Service contracts as an option to split investment over time.

Financial solutions


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