Haul truck bed liners

Durable bed coating for haul trucks

Haul truck bed liners protect the truck from wear. The repeated impact and stress of loading and dumping heavy, abrasive material can cause expensive damage to the truck body and whole vehicle. Truck bed liners absorb this impact and stress and prevent the truck from damage. Truck bed liners from Metso Outotec are used with haul trucks and dump trucks in mining and aggregates operations.


Availability and performance

Up to six times longer service life.

Easy to work with

Modular design makes the lining easier to install and maintain. 

Improved working environment

Less noise and less vibration.

Lower total cost

Keep trucks in operation by preventing wear and damage.

Haul truck bed liners keep your trucks moving

Haul truck bed liners are designed to maximize the availability and performance of haul trucks while reducing the costs for service and maintenance.

Truck availability and performance

Metso Outotec's haul truck bed liners are made of rubber that is highly resistant to wear and impact. The optimized rubber lining offers up to six times or more service life compared to traditional steel lining. In addition, once it is time to make any change-out, only a few individual lining modules need to be replaced.

Metso Outotec haul truck rubber lining absorbs vibrations and reduces stress at every point in the truck work cycle - during loading, transport and dumping. Its low weight and high wear resistance design not only reduces damages to the tray, but to the truck as a whole.

Bearings, transmission, tires and chassis are protected and the cost for service and damaged equipment are minimized.

Major impact and vibrations from loading and carrying heavy rocks result in strain, but with rubber lining the strain is minimized. This means your trucks last longer and there will be less need for maintenance.

To increase your performance, even in difficult applications with significant carry-back problems, we offer a solution of flexible lining, low friction material or combinations of these. The unique functionality keeps your truck productive, so you can haul more material.

Easy to work with

Once haul truck bed lining is installed, you don’t have to worry about it - there is no need for expensive unplanned maintenance or regular lining system adjustments.

The modular design makes the lining easier to install and maintain than steel options, with the possibility to only replace individual modules instead of the entire lining. You can easily arrange for the quick change-outs when the truck is in the repair center for regular engine maintenance. The result is shorter replacement and installation time compared to steel lining.

Metso Outotec has also developed a lifting device (CE-certified) to ensure safe, reliable, fast and easy installations and maintenance.

A standardized stud welding process for easy handling to ensure that the lining is firmly installed and to increase safety during installation and operation.

Improved working environment

Less noise and vibration mean better and safer work conditions. Optimal working conditions can make a big difference in your productivity.

Managing noise pollution is more important than ever, both for the health and safety of co-workers and to satisfy regional legislative demands. Metso rubber lining absorbs impact better than steel ever can, reducing noise by average 10-15 decibels - the effect of cutting noise in half or more. You can feel and hear the difference when sitting in the operator cabinet during loading and dumping.

When comparing a steel lined truck box and a Metso Outotec rubber lined truck box, measurements show that up to 95% of the energy from the impact during loading is absorbed in the rubber lined truck box. Consequently, the vibration is dissipated before reaching other parts of the truck structure, including the operator cabinet.

Lower total cost

Any increase in lifetime of your trucks is valuable. Metso Outotec haul truck lining not only saves the truck body, it reduces damages to the truck as a whole and keeps your trucks in operation.

Metso Outotec keeps your trucks in operation and not in the repair center which will increase your average payload and save costs over time. The tougher conditions -- the bigger savings.

Thanks to longer service life compared to a steel lined truck box, there is a reduced need for maintenance which keeps your trucks hauling more material. Downtime is kept to a minimum.

Less or no carry-back makes the trucks more productive so you can haul more material.

Limited and quick change-outs of lining modules result in less need for spare trays on site.

Lower lining weight over time and less or no carry-back reduce fuel consumption.

Monitoring tire pressure and temperature prevents unexpected tire failures or premature wear. Result is savings in tires, fuel and costly unplanned repairs when using Metso Outotec Haul Truck Solution bundled with Metso Outotec tire monitoring system.

Webinar: Haul More with Less, how to improve haul truck performance
Haul truck bodies

Metso Outotec Truck Body is a unique, one-piece, light-weight hybrid haul truck tray that combines the best of high strength steel and rubber.

It is designed to lower hauling costs in addition offering a safer working environment and maximizing payload.

More about Metso Outotec Truck Body

Haul truck bodies
Lining solution
Lining solution

Modular lining system.

Solutions to reduce impact, wear, carry-back and noise.

Solutions applicable for heated box, cold and hot climate or any other type of truck tray. 

Monitor systems

Health monitoring system to measure vibration, noise and others to identify weaknesses and opportunities for a healthier truck fleet.

Tire monitoring system to measure tire pressure and temperature to prevent unexpected tire failures.

Result is savings in tires and fuel consumption when used together with Metso Outotec haul truck bed liners.

Monitor systems

Engineering of customized solutions. 

Repair of used truck bodies and trays.

Installation of complete truck bed lining.

Wear monitoring and analysis. 

Performance follow-up and reporting.

Financial solutions

Cost per ton agreements.

Life-Cycle Service contracts as an option to split investment over time.

Financial solutions
See how other companies have improved profitability and reduced risk!


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