Wear linings

Wear linings

Better material flow and less maintenance

Installed in chutes, spouts, hoppers, transfer points and other applications subjected to wear, wear linings protect the assets and provide sufficient wear and chemical resistance to keep maintenance down and material flow up. When used in the correct application, long-lasting and robust wear linings make a substantial difference in improving process flow, machine uptime and safety.


Improved health and safety

Less hours of risky maintenance, fewer hot work situations and less exposure to confined spaces.

Increased uptime

Design optimized for long life and fast change-outs. Faster replacements using unique tools, fasteners and installation methods.

Maximized throughput

Long-lasting and reliable solutions keep materials flowing. Optimized change-outs mean more production.

Reduced costs

Reduced downtime, improved wear material utilization and lower operational cost per ton.

The next level of performance
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