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Metso Outotec Truck Body

Metso Outotec Truck Body

Rubber-lined truck tray with unprecedented wear life for increased payload & lower carbon footprint.

Haul more with less. Lower hauling costs and maximize payload while lowering your carbon footprint and ensuring a safer working environment. The Metso Outotec Truck Body is a unique, one-piece, lightweight hybrid haul truck tray. The customized combination of high-strength steel and rubber is optimized to your specific process.

Haul more with less

Less carbon emissions

Lighter body weight equals lower fuel consumption per hauled ton.

Up to 97% less vibrations

Better working environment and reduced maintenance costs.

Up to 50% less noise

The flexible rubber liner absorbs the energy of every impact reducing the noise levels.

Less maintenance

The rubber lasts up to 300% longer than steel resulting in a significant operational cost saving as well as fewer liner parts being used.

Webinar: Haul More with Less, how to improve haul truck performance
Terrafame’s new truck body hauls 9 tonnes more payload.
Terrafame’s new truck body hauls 9 tonnes more payload
The mine in northern Finland chose the Metso Outotec Truck Body for its cost efficiency and driver friendliness. The target is to reduce the need for truck maintenance, increase payload and improve the driver working environment.
Discover the incomparable benefits of rubber
Metso Outotec Truck Body is based on Metso Outotec's famous rubber truck bed lining, a solution with a successful track record of decades.


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