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Upgrades and retrofits for mining equipment.

Upgrades and retrofits for mining equipment

Delivering a real and sustainable difference

As your production goals evolve, so should your equipment. For the latest technology and efficiency, sometimes you don't have to look very far. Your existing assets have the potential to take on significant improvements. We are here to support you, from identifying upgrade options to implementation


Over 20 global R&D facilities focused on advancing our solutions



Equipment engineering and design knowledge coupled with extensive field experience

OEM quality

OEM quality

Strict standards and tolerances for guaranteed safety and reliability

End-to-end solutions

End-to-end solutions

From planning to design to project management and execution

Upgrades are a great way to get new life out of your equipment.
Why upgrade your mining equipment

Upgrades are a great way to get new life out of your equipment, allowing you to achieve modern-day performance which brings numerous benefits, such as:

Increased capacity and production

Achieve greater throughput without expanding your footprint due to increased efficiency and functionality.

Reduced downtime and maintenance

Upgraded parts integrate modular designs for faster installation as well as stronger materials with greater reliability.

Improved overall safety

Modern controls and automation require less human intervention and risk exposure.

Maximize ROI and cashflow

Retrofits can be staggered over multiple years, adding annual benefits while matching periodic CAPEX limits.

Understanding your options

Types of upgrades and retrofits available

Metso Outotec has designed many standard upgrade packages for nearly every equipment type. Our pre-designed kits can easily allow you to switch out original components with newer upgraded versions. Additionally, our engineers can create custom retrofits to suit your goals.

  • Mechanical: Upgrade components that are subjected to wear for better performance, energy savings and reliability. This can include drive train components and hydraulics.
  • Controls/electrical: Integrating modern technology to improve efficiency, ease-of-use, and safety. This can include automation, PLCs and sensors. 

Process and project management

Metso Outotec can take care of your upgrade projects from start to finish.

  • Our experts can help you understand and select from the best retrofit solution for your business.
  • With access to OEM drawings and specifications as well as our design engineers, you can be sure that any upgrades will be planned and executed to the highest standards.
  • Whether the work is done in the field by our trained service staff or at one of our global  accreditedfacilities, our team is ready to meet all of your project requirements.
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