mill liners

Mill liners optimized to meet your targets

Steel, Poly-Met™, Megaliner™, Rubber and Orebed™ mill liners for all mill types

What makes your grinding mill unique? Experience from over 8,000 mills world-wide combined with the market’s most comprehensive offering mean we can select the optimal solution for your specific mill.

Performance targets:

Safety first

We design with safety as the top priority

Increased uptime

Shorter and fewer maintenance stops

Lower maintenance costs

Reduced cost of operation, quick and easy maintenance

Maximized throughput

Maximized yearly production

Recycling of used mill liners
Our latest circularity innovation enables recycling of used mill liners
Read more about the new separation line that can process worn rubber, Poly-Met™, and Megaliner™ liners of all sizes.
Mill lining solutions for all types of mills
Grinding Mill Services
Get the most out of your grinding circuit. Whether you are looking to minimize downtime, increase capacity, lower your cost per ton, or improve efficiency– we can support you.
Mill lining solutions for horizontal mills
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