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Sustainable services and wear parts

Sustainable services and wear parts
Metso Outotec’s services sustainability thinking is based on our long and solid customer relationships. That’s why our customers trust us to propose what is best and most sustainable for their processes. We improve while we wait for the transition to new technologies.
Our sustainable services offering

Extending the life cycle of equipment and optimizing processes enable environmental efficiencies, such as increased energy efficiency. We already have the capability to take new technology elements and deploy them into older equipment. This is often done through incremental improvements, where performance is optimized over time. This thinking is in the center of our sustainable services offering and is not limited to our own installed base.

Our environmentally efficient services portfolio consists of:

  • Upgrades and modernizations – we incorporate new technology into existing older equipment for energy efficiency and safety improvements
  • Life Cycle Services – we optimize processes over time through long-term service contracts to help our customers improve their operations and safety
  • Process improvements – we improve the utilization of assets, increase effective capacity and reduce the carbon footprint of our customers’ processes
  • We repair and extend the life of our customers’ equipment to consume less

Planet Positive for Services

Using the right wear parts is critical to protect equipment. Our optimized wear part solutions help our customers lower their energy, water and fuel consumption as well as minimize material waste and emissions.

The Planet Positive designation for Services follows the same logic as for capital equipment and consumables. However, the thresholds for aftermarket are lower than for equipment. When using services to improve existing equipment, it is an ongoing process to make incremental improvements and over time, such cumulative gains can be very significant.

In addition, by implementing sustainable upgrades to the existing equipment, we can reduce waste by giving new life to older machines. Some of our standard offerings of goods and labor services can be pre-defined as Planet Positive based on their operating characteristics. In other cases, we may identify a unique sustainable service solution for specific customer operations that qualifies as a Planet Positive solution.