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For process management, monitoring, and control of mineral processing plants, Courier slurry analyzer systems offer unrivaled sensitivity and the shortest cycle times available. The Metso Outotec on-stream analyzers enable immediate reaction to changes in the metallurgical performance of the processing circuit, while also monitoring the real-time effect of reactions.

Upgrades to help you achieve your sustainability and production targets

Rapid results with real-time calculations


Gain accurate, direct measurements of elements 

Increase recovery


Minimize the loss of precious metals by reacting immediately to metallurgical changes

Remote support and condition monitoring


Various connectivity options available for support with fastest possible response time

  • Rapid results from up to 24 sample streams
  • Real-time recovery calculation
  • Improvements in recovery and minimization of precious metal losses
  • Guaranteed spare part availability
  • Remote support with condition monitoring
Upgrade Features
Courier Features
Upgrade path
Upgrade path

The Courier 6G SL analyzer is an evolution of the market-leading Courier 6X SL. All previous generation Courier analyzers can be upgraded to the latest Courier® 6G SL or Courier 5X/6X SL, depending on the best solution for your specific application.

The latest generation Courier® 5X and 6X SL analyzers can be upgraded to a Courier 6G with a simple replacement of the measurement probe and the cooling system.

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