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Ausmelt® TSL Process

Ausmelt® TSL Process

Backed by decades of experience, continuous process development, and more than 60 installations worldwide, Metso Outotec's Ausmelt TSL® process provides an integrated solution for an extensive range of feed materials.

Achieve excellent environmental performance with low investment and operating costs.

  • Works with a variety of primary, secondary, and waste feed materials    
  • Operates under various conditions: from highly oxidizing to highly reducing and across a wide temperature range    
  • Offers a high production capacity with a small process footprint    
  • Captures process off-gas and dust efficiently    
  • Has low investment and operating costs    
  • Provides an environmentally sound process solution
Ausmelt TSL® process

This solution is Planet Positive

Planet Positive portfolio focuses on the most impactful technologies in our sustainable offering. Out of four focus areas, this solution creates value and positive impact on the following:
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Outotec® Ausmelt TSL Furnace Technology

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