Calcining systems

Calcining systems

Experience with over 450 different types of ores, minerals, chemicals and wastes.

Calcining is the conversion of the physical or chemical properties of a substance by the application of heat.

We use direct and indirect pyro processing equipment from our proprietary product offerings to custom design a thermo-chemical processing system to meet the special calcining requirements of various materials. Metso Outotec offers thermal processing systems that are capable of operating in an oxygen rich environment or in the absence of oxygen (e.g. pyrolysis).  Our offering ranges from entrainment systems with low temperatures and short retention times (such as gypsum) to systems requiring high temperatures and over 6 hours of retention (such as vanadium).  Metso Outotec has experience with over 450 different types of ores, minerals, chemicals and wastes. 

Pyro process design begins with an understanding of the feed material's physical and chemical characteristics and ends with the product specifications.  Our engineers are involved in the test work from batch feasibility studies and interpretation of pilot plant results to commercial equipment sizing, design, supply, installation and start-up.  Thermal processing installations are always supplied as an integrated process system consisting of the basic heating equipment with auxiliary system modules for combustion, emission control, dust collection, heat recovery, cooling, material handling, instrumentation and controls, etc.

Metso Outotec offers the process, equipment and system design capability and experience to supply complete calcining systems, from feed to discharge, chute to stack.  Our mineral thermal processing know-how and ability to develop, design, program and commission complete control systems ensures the most efficient and productive operation of specialty calcining systems. 

Whether you’re looking to improve upon a current calcining operation or develop a new calcining system – Metso Outotec's  engineers are your experts in thermal processing design, support and optimization.

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