3 Inspection packages for your Metso Outotec pumps are designed to reduce unplanned downtime, equipment failure and risks associated with operating faulty equipment.
Improved safety
Improved safety

Inspections catch issues early for less unplanned stoppages which carry more risks than properly planned maintenance breaks

Reduced downtime
Reduced downtime

Identifying problems before they escalate ensures higher equipment availability

Reduced excessive water usage
Reduced excessive water usage

By adjusting flushed glands, this allows operations to avoid excessive water usage

Extended pump lifetime
Extended pump lifetime

Getting fast & accurate information about the condition of your pumps allows for improved operation & maximized equipment lifetime


Catch issues earlier for highest equipment reliability

Undetected issues can lead to breakdowns and unplanned service work, significantly increasing repair costs and production losses.

Get fast, accurate information about the condition of your equipment, recommendations for maintenance and improved operation with our systematic pump inspections.

The information provided will assist in minimizing unscheduled downtime and reduce long-term operating expenses. Our specialists can also recommend service agreements and spare parts.

Sustainability advantage

Pumps that are running smoothly will use their energy requirements most efficiently. Regular inspections can identify problems and give you a chance to solve the issue, thus reducing waste and getting the most from your equipment.

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