Parts for Thyssenkrupp crushers.

Parts for ThyssenKrupp* crushers

Improved safety features and extended operational life

Metso Outotec has created new premium parts offering for 3rd party crushers called the Contender™ Series. These high-performing parts fit also for some ThyssenKrupp crusher models. Many parts in the series have improved safety features and extended operational life. In addition to parts, we offer the required services for selected ThyssenKrupp crushers.
Quality parts for ThyssenKrupp crushers.
Quality parts for your crushers

Metso Outotec provides a one-stop-shop for your ThyssenKrupp crushers.


  • High quality parts design using our know-how.
  • Enhanced parts offer improved safety, easier maintenance for reduced downtime and longer life.
  • Warranty and quality based on our Nordberg® OEM know-how combined with knowledge from our heritage brands Allis-Chalmers and Svedala.
  • Fast delivery from stock for the most common and needed parts.


Extended offering

With over 100 years of crushing experience, we understand how parts fit and function within a crusher for maximum performance.

We have taken an OEM approach to the design and fabrication of quality parts for both Metso Outotec and non-Metso Outotec crushers. 

The offering for Thyssenkrupp crushers include premium parts, required needed service and maintenance.

Our wide-ranging distributor network and distribution centers ensure you can find the part you need when you need it and at the lowest total risk.

Metso Outotec's extended offering covers now parts for ThyssenKrupp crushers.
Metso Outotec parts for ThyssenKrupp crushers are designed to improve safety and quality.
Improved safety and quality

Aggregate producers and miners often seek to optimize their crusher maintenance. Using parts that last longer and make maintenance easier and safer can have a big impact on bottom line.

The Contender™ Series parts are developed with quality suppliers and materials, ensuring that the highest standards and the strictest tolerances are met.

By understanding all the various factors that impact your crushers’ operating performance, we are always looking to make improvements. For selected parts, additional enhancements have been made such as adding extra lifting points for safer change outs or using improved materials and alloys for longer parts life.

How to buy?

In you are interested in parts or services for ThyssenKrupp crushers, send us an inquiry by filling the contact form in the end of the page.

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This is how you buy parts for ThyssenKrupp crushers from Metso.

* ThyssenKrupp, and other related trademarks, are owned by ThyssenKrupp AG. Use of the mark does not imply any affiliation with or endorsement by them.

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