Conveyor belt primary cleaners

Conveyor belt primary cleaners

The right cleaner lasts longer

The purpose of primary cleaners is to remove any coarser material that’s stuck to the conveyor belt after it leaves the head pulley, and to keep the belt as clean as possible. An optimal primary cleaner will be determined primarily by the application and all its parameters.

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Selecting an optimal primary cleaner

In the majority of cases, the conveyor belt primary cleaner is positioned on the head pulley, which is where the material leaves the belt. The purpose of primary cleaners is to remove any coarser material stuck to the conveyor belt after it leaves the head pulley, and to keep the belt as clean as possible. Long-lasting primary cleaners are engineered to conform even to worn belts while also minimizing overall belt wear. The serrated edge feature ensures the tool stays sharp to the end of its service life. Overall results are less waste and prolonged utility — positively contributing to your sustainability priorities.

Metso Outotec supplies different sizes of conveyor systems depending on the volume of material to be conveyed. Belt speed, belt size and pulley diameter all vary.

We do not classify our solutions according to industry segments, but rather according to the application within the segment. That’s because we’ve noticed 70% - 80% of conveyors used in mining are at the smaller end of the scale, even though this is where you also find some of the biggest conveyors. In other words, the application counts more than the industry.

Whether you need the very smallest solution (with cleaners of 1 kilo) or the very biggest (with cleaners of 20 kilos) or something in between the two, Metso Outotec has a product for you.

Primary cleaners - selection quide 

Follow these steps to find an optimal primary cleaner for your application.

  1. Find the relative size of a cleaner by looking at the image below. All the cleaners are in a numerical order. The number is the same in the image as in the table below. 
  2. Find the belt width, belt speed and pulley diameter of the conveyor in the table.
  3. If you end up with more than one option, refine your selection by checking the material and application that is being conveyed in the table.
  4. If you are unsure, please do not hesitate to get in touch with your Metso Outotec experts.

If the application temperature is above 70°C or below -30°C, the type of the belt spice is not vulcanized, or the belt is reversing instead of one-way, please contact your Metso Outotec representative.

Please note that you can contact us by using "Mining" and "Aggregates" contact forms on this page even if your application may be in a different industry. 


Primary belt cleaner options.
Primary belt cleaner options.

Primary belt cleaners specifications

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