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Conveyor belt cleaners.

Conveyor belt cleaners

The right cleaner lasts longer

Conveyor belt cleaners are designed to prevent carryback and maximize conveying efficiency. Metso Outotec's range of conveyor belt cleaners consists of various models of primary cleaners and secondary cleaners. Our experts are happy to help in selecting the optimal cleaners for your conveying needs.

Conveyor belt cleaners remove the undesirable carryback

As the name suggest, conveyor belt cleaners remove sticky material from the conveyor belt and keep it as clean as possible. The primary cleaners take off any coarser material that’s stuck to the conveyor belt after it leaves the head pulley. The secondary cleaners, on the other hand, are generally used to remove the fines.

Your choice of optimal cleaner will be determined primarily by the application and all its parameters.

Metso Outotec supplies different sizes of conveyor belt cleaners depending on the volume of material to be conveyed. Belt speed, belt size and pulley diameter all vary.

We do not classify our solutions according to industry segments, but rather according to the application within the segment. That’s because we’ve noticed 70% - 80% of conveyors used in mining are at the smaller end of the scale, even though this is where you also find some of the biggest conveyors. In other words, the application counts more than the industry.

Whether you need the smallest solution (with cleaners of 1 kilo), the very biggest (with cleaners of 20 kilos), or something in between the two, we have the right conveyor belt cleaner for your needs.

Special materials for belt cleaners

The material used in belt cleaners determines how well the product functions in a given application.

Besides our standard belt cleaners, we offer a special range of cleaners that have been engineered for specific purposes. These often marry, for example, a hard metal or polyurethane core with a soft outer material that means your belts can be scraped clean without causing damage.

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