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Identify potential problems at an early stage with our condition monitoring services, then plan and implement maintenance actions before they impact your production.
  • Improves equipment availability
  • Improves equipment reliability through early predictions
  • Eliminates recurrent failures by improving conditions or machinery
  • Prolongs time between shutdowns with condition-based maintenance (CBM)
  • Shortens planned shutdowns through detailed planning
  • Moves maintenance strategies towards a more condition-based approach
Condition Monitoring


With systematic monitoring of condition parameters, you are able to detect problems, follow-up on any abnormal symptoms, and track trends of failure processes. The necessary parameters are acquired using mechanical, electrical, and other measurement methods. This data is gathered during site visits with hand-held devices, or remotely using on-line data measured with fixed sensors and systems installed in your equipment.

Measurement and follow-up parameters are defined based on the technical characteristics of the machine and its probable failures. Metso Outotec expert analysts provide detailed analyses that provide information for the diagnosis, prognosis, and the required maintenance actions. In addition, we offer inspections during operation and shutdown to support condition monitoring measurements and the elimination of conditions promoting failures.

  • Tailored measurement methods and condition parameters based on probable failures and problems
  • Condition information derived from periodic measurements and inspections performed onsite
  • Remote monitoring conducted through equipment sensors and connected to the monitoring system via the internet
  • Expert analysis and reports, including recommendations based on condition data
  • Continuous development of condition monitoring activities


  • Condition monitoring systems and services for contract period
  • Expert support for operation and maintenance activities
  • Condition monitoring is available on one machine or several, or on partial processes spanning the whole site


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