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Planet Positive offering

Our Planet Positive offering

We offer sustainable value to our customers and have a significant positive impact on the environment and people through our offering – our handprint. By sharing knowledge and combining forces with our customers, partners, and communities, we accelerate sustainable development in our customer industries and ensure that together we play our role in limiting global warming to 1.5 degrees.

Planet Positive offering

There is enormous demand for environmental efficiency in our industry. By default, the mining industry is energy- and water-intensive. We provide our customers with durable, energy-efficient equipment and services for a long life-cycle.

Central to Metso Outotec’s sustainability efforts is our Planet Positive offering –products that are demonstrably more energy or water efficient than the market standard, help our customers cut their CO2 emissions, or achieve other sustainability priorities such as reducing pollution. Planet Positive Services can improve customers’ processes to achieve similar benefits. Our Planet Positive portfolio already includes over 100 products and our aim is to keep expanding and improving this offering by continuously innovating – we aim to have a Planet Positive product for every part of our customers' value chain. To achieve this, all our R&D projects must have sustainability targets and we actively track our Planet Positive sales. We expect Planet Positive to form a growing part of our overall sales in the future. For this reason, Planet Positive is in the focus of our research and development efforts.

R&D is in a key role in developing our industry towards a more sustainable future. In technology development, we focus on increasing resource efficiency. Our annual target starting in 2021, is that 100% of our R&D projects has to contribute to energy, emissions, water or circularity target.


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Solutions for reducing emissions, increasing energy efficiency and for circularity

In the mining industry, our energy-efficient solutions and technologies for comminution, beneficiation, and refining have a significant impact in reducing our customers’ CO2 emissions. More efficient and sustainable solutions in minerals processing are essential, as our customers must satisfy the growing demand for minerals while battling against reducing ore grades and tighter sustainability requirements. Our products offer energy-efficient options for material transport, size reduction, mineral separation, and dewatering. In metals, our portfolio is one of the industry’s most carbon efficient. In the aggregates industry, the biggest potential for reducing emissions lies in moving to electric equipment. Around 50% of our aggregates product portfolio is already electric.

Our equipment is built from strong and durable input materials, ensuring a long product life and minimizing the environmental impacts during its lifetime. We offer products that make crushing demolition waste possible and thus enabling the use of this waste more effective. In addition to environmental benefits, circular solutions are commercially attractive to our customers, as equipment wear and tear can cause considerable direct and indirect costs.

Our water-efficient technologies

We have solutions to address environmental, health and safety, and societal risks in customer operations involving water. These cover water reuse and include equipment for sustainable tailings processing, water recovery improvements with dry stacking and tailings ponds conversions into valuable resources. Water recovery and, for example, using municipal wastewater as a water source, offer solutions to the mining industry’s environmental challenges. We also have technology that improves water quality to make our customers’ water use more efficient.

Sustainable services and wear parts

Extending the life cycle of equipment and optimizing processes enable environmental efficiencies, such as increased energy efficiency. We already have the capability to take new technology elements and deploy them into older equipment. This is often done through incremental improvements, where performance is optimized over time. Our environmentally efficient services portfolio consists of:
• Upgrades and modernizations – we incorporate new technology into existing older equipment for energy efficiency and safety improvements
• Life Cycle Services – we optimize processes over time through long-term service contracts to help our customers improve their operations and safety
• Process improvements – we improve the utilization of assets, increase effective capacity, and reduce the carbon footprint of our customers’ processes
• We repair and extend the life of our customers’ equipment to consume less

Using the right wear parts is critical to protect equipment. Our optimized wear part solutions help our customers lower their energy, water and fuel consumption as well as minimize material waste and emissions.

Safe customer operations

Safety is the license to operate in the industries that we serve. Metso Outotec's products are designed to meet all the relevant standards, norms and directives in the respective delivery countries. Our products are delivered with the appropriate information and instructions to ensure safe operation, services and maintenance. In addition, we offer a wide range of life cycle services to ensure that all the products in use will continue to meet existing and future requirements throughout their life cycle. Safety of our products is one of the key drivers in our research and development work.

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