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Planet Positive offering

Our Planet Positive offering

We offer sustainable value to our customers and have a significant positive impact on the environment and people through our offering – our handprint.

Planet Positive offering

There is enormous demand for environmental efficiency in our industry. By default, the mining industry is energy- and water-intensive. We provide our customers with durable, energy-efficient equipment and services for a long life-cycle.

To increase the size of our ecological handprint, we focuse on the positive impact on the environment and people through further growing our sustainable offering. The Planet Positive portfolio focuses on the most impactful technologies (>100) in the company’s current portfolio, specifically responding to the sustainability requirements of our customers in the aggregates, mining and metals refining industries.

The four focus areas of our sustainable offering and innovations are in energy efficiency and emissions, water efficiency, a leading offering in circularity and safe operations. This is where we can create the most value for our customers. 


R&D is in a key role in developing our industry towards a more sustainable future. In technology development, we focus on increasing resource efficiency. Our annual target starting in 2021, is that over 90% of our R&D projects has to contribute to energy, emissions, water or circularity target.  

“We have a wide Planet Positive offering available for our customers, and with strong R&D focus we continue to strengthen our sustainable offering for Aggregates, Mining and Metals refining industries. We also have high targets for sustainability in our own operations and supply chain. There is a clear demand in our industry for solutions that enable the processing of minerals and metals and aggregates production in a more sustainable manner.”

Piia Karhu, SVP, Business Development at Metso Outotec


Focus areas of our handprint