Conveyor loading systems

Conveyor loading systems

Keep your conveyor safe

In any mining or aggregate operation, the conveyor belts, frames and rollers are subject to relentless forces and impacts, day after day. Conveyor loading system consist of a cradle, glide bars, and impact bars placed at the transfer or loading point, often between two conveyors. They protect your valuable equipment from impact damage when the material is being transferred.

Selecting an optimal impact cradle

To avoid buying a product that is not strong enough to withstand the impact of your operations, we recommend you use our impact calculation tool. Armed with the results, you can confidently choose a loading solution that is correctly designed to protect your equipment investments and keep your conveyors moving.

The program provides you with two options, based on the information you input about your conveyors.

Required data:

  • Customer and supplier information
  • Belt width
  • Length of impact zone
  • Belt speed
  • Maximum drop height
  • Material flow
  • Maximum lump weight (or material density) and largest lump size

If you are interested in testing the free impact calculation tool, please send us an inquiry by using the contact form at the bottom of the page.



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