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Metso VPX™ filters are smart and future ready.

Metso VPX™ filters

Smart and future ready

Metso VPX™ filters are the latest addition to Metso's filtration offering and a significant leap in filtration technology. They can handle the toughest materials while providing high water recovery and reuse.

High capacity

Short technical time, increased pressure and increased number of chambers

Multi-action and modular

Compact design and adaptive technology offering modular scale up potential

Smart control system

Self adjusting and load cell weighing system for smarter and more optimal performance

Increased safety

Fully electro mechanical system with reduced noise and overall lowered risks

Metso VPX™ filter - smart and future ready filtration solutions

Driven by growing volume of tailings and increasing scarcity of water, the mining industry is seeking sustainable solutions and strategies to address rising risks and costs, compliances and increasing global resource footprint.

The risk of tailings dam failure could be completely avoided by dewatering and dry stacking the tailings. Metso, with its strong legacy in dewatering solutions, takes the filtration technology to the next level with intense commitment to maximize water recovery and reuse.

Metso VPX™ filter is the answer for today's problem, but the solution for the future and beyond. It is the smartest and safest solution to all challenges that mines are facing with tailings providing up to 90% water recovery and less than 7% moisture content to the materials that pass through.

High capacity

The Metso VPX™ filter has been designed from the ground up for an increased capacity providing up to 36m³ volume and a 1391m² filtration area. This filter has the fastest opening and closing time, also known as short technical time, out of all the top filters in the mining industry.

The cycle time and pressure can also be easily adjusted depending on the different conditions of the ores. The pressure has also been increased and so has the number of chambers with lesser maintenance needed.

Modular and multi-action

The Metso VPX™ filter has a compact design that has an offering for an upscale modular potential.

This new technology in the Metso VPX™ filter has proven to be adaptive to handle any range of difficulty of material with up to 25 bars of operating pressure.

The Metso VPX™ filter design and technology gives comfort to know as conditions and ores change that the results will not. In comparison to Metso's VPA filter there has been up to 2x the speed increase.

Smart control system

The Metso VPX™ filter comes with a load cell weighing system integrated to a control system for optimum performance. This control system provides a self-adjusting filter providing an easier operation and less employee risk because of automation.

The Metso VPX™ filter has brought in technology that is providing results today, but will give better sustainable results for tomorrow.

Increased safety

Safety is always a huge concern for any mining operation and will be a focus to sustain high safety levels.  The Metso VPX™ filter has a fully electronic mechanical system with no hydraulics. This will create reduced noise pollution and lowered risks compared to a filter with hydraulics.

The Metso VPX™ filter brings overall increased safety while performing at a high standard during filtration.

Watch the Metso VPX™ filter in action!

Metso VPX™ filter technical specifications

Metso Tailings Management solutions
Metso Tailings Management solutions

Tailings management in the mining industry has become a very popular topic. But with all this discussion there has not been a defined practice that is changing the industry

Metso has recognized this and is leading the way in tailings management. At Metso, we see dry tailings has the capability to be economically viable and the future of the mining industry. No other original equipment manufacturer (OEM) can match the capabilities that Metso has to provide future-ready tailings management solutions.

See the entire Metso Tailings Management solutions offering and see why Metso is leading the way in tailings management.


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