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Trunnion wheel upgrade

Railcar dumper trunnion wheel upgrade

significantly reduce maintenance costs and increase reliability

Metso Outotec`s innovative trunnion design is centered around making a changeout simple, quick and safe. The design uses a self-contained, pre-assembled and pre-lubricated compact tapered bearing design.
Stay on top of your railcar dumper's performance by following these simple suggestions

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Trunnion wheel assembly
Trunnion Wheel Module
  • Integrated trunnion wheel & shaft modules for easy changeout
  • Compact cartridge bearing that is lubricated for life
  • Secondary grease barrier to prevent contamination

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Equalizer Frame
  • Quick & easy wheel changeout, no need to pull a pin
  • Heavy duty frame to reduce wallowing of wheel pin bore
  • The equalizer frame is no longer trapped and can be slid out to one side instead of being lifted clear of the base frame

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Trunnion wheel equalizer frame assembly
Trunnion wheel base frame assembly
Base Frame
  • Compact base frame to fit all installations and designed to keep elevations to a minimum
  • Half tube design removes the risk of wallowed out bores in the frame
  • Connecting sub-base frame designed to match the trunnion wheel assemblies with existing elevations and anchor bolt patterns
  • Jacking pads and lifting holes to facilitate alignment

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