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Metso Outotec Larox Sealing flats are filter plate components that ensure the perfect sealing of the filter chamber.

Parts that perform better and last longer to help you reach your sustainability targets

High quality


Manufactured from high-quality materials with tight sealing properties

Robust material


Able to withstand temperature and compression for tens of thousands of cycles and retain shape

Diverse applications


Manufactured from material to withstand pH, temperature and chemicals for various applications

  • Tight sealing properties 
  • Retains shape under pressure and temperature
  • Available for a wide range of applications
  • Manufactured from high-quality materials
Larox Sealing Flats

Sealing flats are filter plate components that ensure the perfect sealing of the filter chamber. Sealing flats are installed into the plate frame and press against the filter cloth and the filter vat

There are many aspects to high-quality sealing flats, as they need to be able to withstand compression for tens of thousands of cycles and be able to retain their original shape in order to preserve their sealing abilities

Additionally, sealing flat material selection has to be suitable for slurry characteristics such as pH, temperature, and presence of special chemicals. Metso Outotec has addressed a wide range of applications by investing in rubber and sealing flat support plate material development to best accommodate our customers’ needs

It is important to remember that sealing flats work in sync with high-quality Larox Filter Vats. Since the compression of the plates happens against the Filter Vat top surface, both components need to be chosen accordingly to ensure longer lasting sealing of the filter chamber

Like all rubber components, it is of utmost importance to follow Metso Outotec Guidelines in storage, handling, and operation of original Larox PF Sealing Flats

We have enhanced the PF Filter Sealing Flats. We have improved manufacturing and handling practices and streamlined the Sealing Flat product portfolio

Larox Sealing Flats
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