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Larox® RT filter

Larox® RT filter

Vacuum filtration

Safe and optimized multi-step processing in a single unit for a wide range of complex Industrial & Chemical Processing Industry applications

1.6 – 63 m2​ Filtration area​

High availability ​with low OPEX​

Suitable for ​various ​applications

Continuous ​operation ​


The cloth is supported by a rigid vacuum tray and the filter is capable of cake washing in both co-current and counter-current modes. The filter handles a wide range of feedstocks and produces high-purity products cost effectively.

  • Separates slurries into filter cake and clear filtrate continuously
  • Washes co-current and counter-current filter cake
  • Increases dry solids content through mechanically compressing the filter cake
  • Uses hot gas (air or steam) and infrared energy for thermal drying of the cake
Larox RT horizontal vacuum belt filter
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