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Larox® PF filter

Larox® PF filter

Pressure filtration

Proven, flexible and reliable advanced filtration efficiency for a wide range of applications ​

1,6 – 168 m² filtration area 

Up to 16 bars operating pressure

33, 40, 45 and 60mm chamber depth

Enhanced automation system


Get a filter designed for easy maintenance, superior performance, and consistent results under varying process conditions. Larox® PF filter pressure filters are fully automatic recessed-plate diaphragm filters with horizontally oriented chambers. The continuous filter cloth ensures thorough cloth washing and efficient cake discharge from each chamber at every cycle.

  • Offers high capacity with proven efficiency and reliability
  • Gives you low overall operating costs and competitive total cost of ownership
  • Produces dry, consistent, and homogenous filter cake and efficient solids wash
  • Offers fully automatic operation, self-diagnostics, and flexible operation
  • Reduces floor space requirements
Larox® PF filter
Separating the best from the rest for more than four decades
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