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Circored® hydrogen-based reduction

Based on over 60 years of experience in fluidized bed technology, Metso Outotec has developed the hydrogen-based Circored® process which produces highly metalized direct reduced iron (DRI) or hot briquetted iron (HBI) for direct feed into electric arc steelmaking furnaces.

Our process reduces energy consumption and emissions, offering a sustainable solution for the future of steel-making.

  • Direct use of iron ore fines without prior agglomeration, such as pelletizing or sintering.
  • Operation with hydrogen as reductant enables reduction with very low CO2 emission values, and allows the application of low reduction temperatures minimizing sticking tendencies.

This solution is Planet Positive

Planet Positive portfolio focuses on the most impactful technologies in our sustainable offering. Out of four focus areas, this solution creates value and positive impact on the following:
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