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CC Acid Recycling

Enhance the recycling rate of the acid solution used for ceramic CC plate acid washing in Metso Outotec Larox® CC filters with our acid recycling system.

In addition to increasing filter capacity and availability, this innovative new system enables more efficient cleaning and helps maintain plate permeability over a longer period of time. It also improves health and safety, as well as the environmental performance of your process.

  • Increases capacity by approximately 1.5%
  • Lowers operating costs by reducing acid consumption by up to 80%, giving the option to use sulfuric acid, and extending CC plate lifespan
  • Improves health and safety through reduced handling of concentrated acids
  • Improves environmental efficiency with lower nitrate or sulfate emissions and up to 80% reduction in clean water consumption
  • Single acid recycling system can be used for all the filters in your process
CC Acid Recycling