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Anode milling unit upgrade

Achieve 200 000 or more milling cycles and superior milling results by upgrading with our advanced anode lug milling upgrade for Metso Outotec Anode Preparation Machines (APM). Spare part consumption and maintenance costs will also be vastly reduced by extending the lifetime of the motors.

Reduce power consumption

Decrease maintenance & spare part costs

Improve end product quality

Increase milling performance & results


Our anode milling unit upgrade brings the latest technology available into your existing unit, increasing productivity, while decreasing maintenance costs.

  • Increases anode preparation machine productivity
  • Improves end product quality
  • Improves anode performance at tankhouse with better contacts to bush beams
  • Reduces power consumption
  • Decreases maintenance costs
  • Extends equipment lifetime
Reduce maintenance & spare part costs
Reduce maintenance & spare part costs

Metso Outotec Advanced Lug Milling Tools are able to make up to 200 000 or even greater amounts of milling cycles before any maintenance actions, which will significantly reduce the maintenance costs. The total lifetime of the cutting bits depends on the quality of the copper to be cut.

The possibility of installation faults and also injuries occurring during the maintenance tasks will be
minimized due to fewer maintenance actions needed.

The consumption of the cutting bits is significantly reduced and the need for different cutting bit types will ease the warehousing and purchasing.

Extended milling motor lifetime and reduced power consumption

By using the optimal performance of the Metso Outotec® Due to the optimal cutting performance of
the Outotec® Advanced Lug Milling Tools, the load and power consumption of the milling motors is reduced. Thereby the lifetime of the milling motors is extended and the need for maintenance tasks is decreased

Extended milling motor lifetime and reduced power consumption

The Metso Outotec Advanced Lug Milling Tools can be installed directly to replace the old milling tools, where the nominal rotation speed of the milling motors is about 3000 rpm. For milling solutions with different speeds, please ask for further information.  



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