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Sep 16, 2021

Metso Outotec VS vertical slurry pump - 80 years at the top

Greg Dixon
Greg Dixon
Director, Pump Sales, EUE MA
The original version of the VS sump pump was developed in the 1940’s within the Boliden Mining Company known as the BPG. Production was then started within Sala in the 1950’s and introduced to further markets through the years and in the 1960’s became known as the VASA-G culminating in the current model VS pump which was introduced in 1998 as an all-metric design. The VS was hailed as the ‘next generation’ heavy duty sump pump.
A VS pump installed in a floor sump duty.
A VS pump installed in a floor sump duty with the Orion series installed on other duties around it.

Like its predecessor the VS pump is one of the strongest, toughest and most reliable offerings on the market and for this reason the VS pump is preferred throughout the world by heavy industries on multiple duties, such as:

  • Mining and mineral processing spillage
  • Pit dewatering
  • Mine refuse
  • Industrial processing
  • Coal and power plant
  • Sand and gravel
  • In-plant slurry transfer pumps
  • Animal & food waste
  • Mill scale and machine tool cuttings
A  sump pump
A Metso Outotec VS series sump pump

Due to the design the bearings are situated above the liquid level of the sump ensuring that any contamination from the slurry is removed. This also eliminates the need for the usual shaft sleeves used on other horizontal pumps. Added to this the true cantilever design it creates a pump that has a fast and efficient maintenance procedure ensuring down time is minimized.

As with all Metso Outotec pumps, the very best materials are used providing both excellent wear properties and corrosion resistance. Standard pumps are supplied with parts in wear resistant natural rubber or High Chrome white iron alloy, with a nominal hardness of 600 BHN so that operators can be assured they are getting the right pump for their application.

Similar to other pumps within the Metso Outotec portfolio the VS series utilizes a modular design sharing components across all of the vertical series VF- Vertical Froth and the VT- Vertical Tank.

Don't leave your solids behind by using the right agitation

The VS pump is available with both metal and rubber wet end materials with full interchangeability along with a range of different impeller and agitation options. The VS series pump offers the best proven sump agitation options available on the market. The availability of using spray holes, suction agitator or in extreme cases both ensure that all but the unforeseen items are removed from the sump.

Various methods of agitation and impeller combinations.
Various methods of agitation and impeller combinations.

Type C - Closed impeller for high heads and efficiencies. Preferred in high wear application at high heads and where the sump is protected from oversized items.

Type OS - Semi open impeller and pump casing with spray holes. Provides better solids handling than the closed impeller design and is less sensitive to air blocking on intermittent operations. The spray holes direct some of the slurry towards the sump bottom, thereby agitating settled solids.

Type A - Semi open impeller, robust extended shaft with a slurry agitator. Used where solids are large and settling fast such as grinding and crusher area sump pumps.

Type W - Vortex induced flow impeller for pumping of long, fibrous, or coarse solids without the concern of blockages of impeller vanes. Originally developed for mill scale pumping in steel mills, where steel scrap sometimes is present but suitable for a range of applications.

Extended application coverage with Orion Series

The combination of the VS pump and the Orion series horizontal wet ends opens up a wider range of applications and advantages.

Orion series of horizontal slurry pumps
Read more about the extended application coverage with Orion series.

The horizontal HM Orion and vertical VSHM hybrid types share some common parts which reduces stock holding and simplifying maintenance. The Orion series wet ends give the operator more scope for a higher head and flow ranges as well as the option of using the WFR or fully recessed, induced vortex impeller. This design allows the slurry to be pumped with minimal damage caused to the material, for example in the gold leaching process.

Vertical pump
VSHM vertical pump using Orion series wet end and VSHM type WFR
  • Designed specifically for abrasive slurries and featuring robust design with ease of maintenance
  • Current vertical sump pump series is one of the toughest and most reliable high-volume ranges available
  • Proven and developed for the toughest applications in mining concentrators
  • Used globally for the recovery of spillage and the return of it to the process eliminating any mechanical recovery
  • Wherever pumps are needed in existing floor sumps and channels these vertical sump pumps have proven to be the most economical.
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