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Jan 14, 2019

How our innovations in mining align with the trend of efficiency

Communications team
Communications team
What will be the next big thing in mining industry? Original equipment manufacturers (OEM) are facing high expectations when it comes to innovations – but that’s good. Our expert Olivier Guyot trusts that the expectations are pushing everyone to excel. Watch below the interview by International Mining Magazine, where Olivier and Rodrigo Gouveia discuss how OEMs are expected to provide solutions that reduce energy and water consumption.
Metso experts sit down with International Mining to discuss Metso's game-changing innovations

For the past 150 years, we have been gaining expertise and turning that into innovations in the minerals processing industries. Our Vertimill® and HRC™ are examples of equipment aligned with the current industry trends. There is a growing demand for process and plant design and there we have developed a unique method, based on our strong history in modelling and simulation.

We have been utilizing digitalization since the early days of automation. The advantages of the speed and mobility enabled by digital solutions mean more efficiency in many fronts. Our focus is on real-life applications that add value to our customers.

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