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Jun 14, 2021

What can influence the lifetime of your conveyor belts?

Correct preventive maintenance assures an increased lifetime of a conveyor belt. It is very common to observe misaligned belts operating in the facilities, which in worst case can lead to belt damages when the belt gets in touch with the conveyor structure. Also vertically installed rolls, that are supposed to keep the belt from mistracking can cause damages to the belt. Therefore misalignment is one of the biggest problems for conveyor belts which can significantly reduce the lifetime of the belts. Preventive maintenance is the key to avoid misalignment.

We indicate some issues that directly affect the lifetime of the belt. To eliminate those, constant inspections are necessary to maintain the belt in a good operational condition.

1. Metallic Structure

Check the alignment and leveling of the structure, both lengthwise and crosswise. This verification can be easily made by stretching a line/string along the structure and analyzing the deviations.

bad alignment conveyor belt and thus touching steel structure.jpg

A bad aligned conveyor can touch the steel structure and therefore get seriously damaged


2. Pulleys

  • For a good belt alignment it is very important to have the pulleys perpendicular to the centerline of the conveyor and parallel between themselves.
  • Keep the drums clean, because the trapped materrial can cause irregular wear and belt misalignment.


3. Rolls

Same as for the pulleys, the rolls should be perpendicular to the centerline of the conveyor, clean and spinning freely. Jammed rolls, spinning with difficulty and/or slower than the others, cause irregular wear and belt misalignment.


4. Feeding

Uncentered feeding is also one of the misalignment reasons. because due to the material being fed uncentered, there are forces that guide the belt to the side and keep it misaligned.


bad feeding of conveyor belt.jpg

Decentralized feeding of a conveyor belt leads to misalignment of the belt and can decrease the lifetime of the belt.

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