Our water efficient technologies

water efficient
Water efficiency is an increasingly important topic for our customers. Water availability and minimizing water-related risks have become an increasing concern and cost factor for communities and businesses. We have solutions that significantly reduce impacts on the community and the environment.

Water efficient solutions

Effective water stewardship requires mineral processing technologies that optimize consumption and improve water quality. We have solutions to address environmental, health and safety, and societal risks in customer operations that involve water. These cover water re-use and include equipment for sustainable tailings processing, water recovery improvements with dry stacking and tailings ponds conversions into valuable resources.

Tailing’s disposal is the activity where most of the water is lost. Therefore, technologies that maximize the recovery of water from tailings help drive the efficient use of water. The same applies to technologies that change the way that the ore is processed to reduce the number of fine tailings. Technologies that improve operational efficiency by reducing water consumption can also improve energy efficiency.

water quality
Water quality

Water quality is important in mining, specifically when returning surplus water to the environment. It can also define the recovery and grade of the metal concentrate produced. Selecting lower quality water resources can create challenges for the mineral processing. Because of this, technologies are needed to adapt the process of the water treatment to ensure that commercially viable mineral processing targets are achieved.

Our approach to water stewardship includes a variety of diverse solutions and services. It is about respecting the precious role of water by reducing water and waste throughout the value chain. Water can be reduced not only by improving the efficiency of use but also by reducing the amount of waste that is in contact with water. We already have technologies that support this, such as:

  • Dry processing alternatives in a broader portion of plant flowsheets
  • Sorting and separation processes which reduce the amount of fine tailings
  • Dewatering technologies like paste thickening and filtration to reduce water intake by improving water recovery from tailings
Water management

With the increasing complexity of ores, declining ore grades and the lower quality water resources, water management is becoming more and more important. In minerals processing, high quality may not always be necessary, but the right quality is often a better solution. We have solutions for treating process waters to improve metal recovery in flotation. Sea water and high salinity groundwater can be effective resources with small changes in the processing plant that substantially reduce the pressure on high-quality freshwater resources. Other solutions, such as raw water treatment where cleaned municipal wastewater can be used as the raw water source for mines without compromising recovery, is also something we can offer to customers.


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