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Stock Exchange Release February 8, 2019

Outotec's Financial Statements Review January-December 2018


Outotec's Financial Statements Review January-December 2018

Significant improvement in performance excluding ilmenite smelter project provision

"In 2018, we made significant progress in several areas. In the beginning of the year, the market for minerals and metals technologies improved, but global macroeconomic uncertainties and reduced metal prices started to affect the market sentiment, and we saw several larger investment decisions being delayed into 2019. This was demonstrated in our order intake, which increased 4% year-on-year (in comparable currencies 8%) but declined in the fourth quarter from the comparison period. Service orders increased 8% in 2018 (in comparable currencies 13%). Our largest order in the fourth quarter was the delivery of battery chemicals technology in Finland.

Our sales increased 12% in 2018 (in comparable currencies 16%). Our service business development during the second half was encouraging as the supplier situation improved. The profitability continued to improve in the Minerals Processing segment. Excluding the provision for the ilmenite smelter project, our adjusted EBIT would have almost doubled from EUR 34 million in 2017 to EUR 64 million in 2018. Our cash flow strengthened and was EUR 70 million.

Outotec has made a EUR 110 million provision for possible costs relating to the ilmenite smelter project in Saudi Arabia (Stock Exchange Releases on May 31, 2012; October 26, 2018; October 30, 2018 and February 8, 2019). The currently estimated provision is based on progress made with the analysis of the furnace. The provision is booked in Outotec's fourth quarter 2018 result. The outcome of the analysis, together with other factors such as Outotec's contractual position, will determine the eventual liability and financial impact of this incident for Outotec.

We simplified our organizational structure during the first half of the year to support our long-term strategic targets. With our industry experts, simplified organization and must-win battles, we will strengthen our customer focus, service business, product competitiveness and project capabilities to further improve our profitability.

Leading technologies are our core strength. We continued to develop our technological capabilities and grow our patent portfolio. I want to mention two examples of our recent product development. Firstly, a new lithium hydroxide process to respond to the market demand for battery chemicals and, secondly, a new, 40% lighter and more competitive Hybrid filter plate design to complement our spare and wear parts offering. R&D investments represented 5% of our sales and totaled EUR 57 million last year.

With our process technologies and services, our customers will obtain the best value from their assets and operations over the course of their life cycle. We expect the demand for our products and services to remain solid in 2019", summarizes President & CEO Markku Teräsvasara.

Dividend proposal

The Board of Directors proposes to the Annual General Meeting on March 14, 2019, that no dividends are distributed for the financial year 2018.

Summary of key figures

Q4 Q4     Q1-Q4 Q1-Q4    
EUR million 2018 2017 %1 %2 2018 2017 %1 %2
Order intake 298.9 365.8 -18 -16 1,251.3 1,204.6 4 8
Service order intake 129.3 125.5 3 5 532.5 494.9 8 13
Order backlog at end of period 946.6 1,005.4 -6 - 946.6 1,005.4 -6 -
Sales 338.0 340.8 -1 2 1,276.5 1,143.8 12 16
Service sales 163.2 146.0 12 15 496.6 480.4 3 9
Gross margin, % -4.4 24.2     15.4 23.6    
Adjusted EBIT3 4 -79.3 18.3     -46.2 33.5    
Adjusted EBIT3 4, % -23.5 5.4     -3.6 2.9    
EBIT -84.5 16.2     -66.1 26.0    
EBIT, % -25.0 4.8     -5.2 2.3    
Net cash from operating activities -17.6 47.0     70.4 39.6    
Earnings per share, EUR -0.42 -0.00     -0.42 -0.03    

1 Change, %
2 Change in comparable currencies, %
3 Excluding restructuring- and acquisition-related items as well as PPA amortizations.
4 aEBIT for the full year was EUR 63.8 million (5.0%) and EUR 30.7 million (9.1%) for Q4/2018, excluding the provision for the ilmenite smelter project.

Financial guidance for 2019

Based on the current market outlook, we expect our sales to increase, and our aEBIT* to increase significantly from the 2018 aEBIT (EUR 63.8 million) without the provision for the ilmenite smelter project.

*Excluding restructuring- and acquisition-related items, as well as PPA amortizations.

This text is a summary of Outotec's January-December 2018 Financial Statements review. The full report is available as an attachment to this report.


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