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Product news October 9, 2019

Introducing the Outotec Larox PF-DS double-side pressure filter for challenging and slow-filtering materials

The filtration applications are getting more demanding due to challenging materials, increased cake washing needs, strong acid processes, and finer particles being filtrated. There is an increasing need for technologies that can handle these challenges in a reliable and more automated manner.

The new Outotec® Larox® PF-DS meets the challenging process requirements in the chemical process industry and due to the flexible operation, the filter can be used in various applications. E.g. food, pigments, and battery metal slurries to name a few.

Two proven technologies in one unit with global service availability

The PF-DS is a tower press filter where the plate pack is composed of polypropylene membrane filter plates stacked on top of each other. The cake forms between the closed filter plates on the top and bottom side of the filtration chamber, hence the term double-side filter.

The new PF-DS combines two proven technologies into one unit. The mechanical operation and frame are shared with the Outotec® Larox® PF pressure filter while the unique filtration process is powered by the double-side plate pack from Outotec® Larox® DS filter (earlier known as Hoesch® DS).

Thanks to PF-DS now sharing the mechanical design with the PF family, local Outotec service teams are available for technical support and maintenance needs. Likewise, the availability and compatibility of the spare parts is significantly improved compared to earlier technology.

Key features and benefits

  • Excellent handling of difficult and slow-filtering materials
  • Guaranteed cake discharge even with challenging material
  • Multiple cake washing options lead to superior washing result
  • Options for efficient and automatic in-situ cleaning (CIP)
  • Ability to handle corrosive process conditions
  • Suitable for food-grade applications
  • Fully automatic for consistent results under varying process conditions

Our comprehensive support services help you select the correct filter model, assist with plant design, and ensure efficient and reliable operation with high-quality maintenance.

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