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NW Rapid™ - Wheel-mounted crushing and screening plants.

NW Rapid™

Wheel-mounted crushing and screening

With NW Rapid™ portable solutions you can stop compromising between time, mobility and production capacity, and tap into new business opportunities. Designed especially for the needs of multisite quarries that must move their equipment between sites periodically, NW Rapid™ crushing and screening plants are easy to tow by a standard truck.
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Crush and go

Today, work assignments in new locations can come at short notice, making it difficult for quarries to respond. The faster you can move from idea to action, the better your chances of success.

Civil engineering works, such as road, bridge, airport, and dam construction projects, usually last anything from a couple of months to a couple of years. Projects like these require high volumes of different types of high-precision aggregates.

If the material can be sourced on-site or in the surrounding area, the construction company can realize significant economic and environmental benefits, meaning aggregate producers who can deliver on this demand gain a notable competitive edge.

Choose your winning combination

NW Rapid™ portable solutions are made to deliver a faster return on investment. We have optimized all the critical milestones in the solution's lifetime – starting from purchase and continuing all the way to after-sales support.

The modular design allows you to choose the optimal equipment combination for your needs.

Eleven ready-made layouts - and more to come – with related flowsheets ensure that you can specify your optimal solution in weeks instead of months.

Modularity and automation make the equipment extremely adaptive; you can add modules to existing worksites whenever your requirements change or modify your equipment to serve different needs and sites.

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