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Code of Conduct

Our Code of Conduct sets out the basic rules for each of us at Metso Outotec to follow when we conduct business. We similarly expect and require our representatives, consultants, agents, suppliers, contractors and other parties who work with us to respect the same principles.
We aim to be a good citizen wherever we operate
Laws, regulations and human rights

As a global company, Metso Outotec respects all applicable national and international laws, regulations and human rights. This includes adhering to regulatory best practices. In cases where interpretations differ, we seek the best available expertise and solutions. We aim to be a good citizen wherever we operate.

Our Code of Conduct provides us with a framework that guides our behavior. It applies to all of our employees, and we are all accountable for living up to it every day wherever we operate. Additionally, we expect our business partners and other third parties to acknowledge, respect and share similar principles stated.

Metso Outotec Code of Conduct in English