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Turn waste into power with Metso Outotec's robust waste-to-energy technology. Our proven solutions generate valuable energy from variable wastes, ranging from municipal sources such as SRF, RDF, construction and demolition waste, to commercial and industrial wastes and a wide variety of agricultural wastes.
  • Works even with difficult fuels, e.g. those with a high moisture or ash content    
  • Offers the possibility to use fuels over a large range of calorific values, from 8 to 30 MJ/kg    
  • Boasts minimal emissions and low carbon in ash, with over 99% carbon burn-out    
  • Ensures compliance according to local regulations, such as the EU WID (Waste Incineration Directive)    
  • Eliminates bottom ash, with only clean, ready-to-recycle, non-combustible material from fluidized bed
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With Metso Outotec's fluidized bed waste to energy technology you can process a wide variety of waste and turn it into synthetic gas or steam for further use, such as electricity production. Our robust solutions allow high flexibility in fuel heat value, moisture, and ash content without sacrificing the energy output of the system.

Depending on your needs and fuel characteristics, Metso Outotec offers two bubbling fluidized bed (BFB) gasifier technologies. The Metso Outotec BFB Gasifier produces low or medium calorific value gas that can be used in internal combustion engines or turbines, or further developed into liquid fuels.

The open nozzle grid bottom design is resistant to the contaminants within fuel and allows particles up to 100 mm to be removed from the process hot zone, with zero impact on the unit's availability or production rate.

Good emission control is established using state-of-the-art equipment and through process design. Low bed temperatures virtually eliminate the formation of thermal NOx contaminants, and the limestone feed to the bed eliminates most of the sulfur and other fuel-borne acid contaminants as soon as they are released from the fuel.

The fluidized bed gasifiers, staged gasifiers, and combustor have several design benefits:

  • Open-nozzle grid allows removal of non-combustible material from bed at full load    
  • Fully refractory-lined vessel for superior chemical and heat resistance    
  • Modular build minimizes on-site construction time and lowers overall project costs    
  • Vertical boiler allows for a low building height, giving more freedom to choose your plant location    
  • The floor standing structure doesn’t require a robust building envelope, as hanging boilers can even be located outside



Metso Outotec bubbling fluidized bed technology offers you options to optimize the revenue from the waste stream. Our processes can efficiently cover a wide range of applications and different wastes or fuels.

General single line performance range:


Waste throughput (tons per annum)




50-500 kt

20-300 MWth

5-100 MWe

Advanced staged gasification

50-350 kt

20-250 MWth

5-40 MWe


10-200 kt

5-200 MWth



Over 56 Metso Outotec bubbling fludized bed-based energy production units are running worldwide using fuels like:

  • Wood waste and board trimmings    
  • Cotton hulls    
  • Urban demolition waste    
  • RDF (Refuse Derived Fuel)    
  • Waste coal
  • Various sludges    
  • Various manures


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