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Advanced Staged Gasifier

Combine the reliability and proven design of our fluidized bed combustion technology with the process benefits of a fluidized bed gasifier. The Metso Outotec Advanced Staged Gasifier marks the latest development in a long history of bubbling fluidized bed technologies developed by Metso Outotec and our predecessors.

The Metso Outotec Advanced Staged Gasifier offers the following additional benefits versus Metso Outotec bubbling fluidized bed processes:

  • Reduces bed area for lower parasitic electrical load consumption    
  • Lowers in-bed reaction temperature which further reduces NOx formation    
  • Increases bed reliability due to a higher margin between bed temperature and the melting points of fuel-related contaminants
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The Metso Outotec Advanced Staged Gasifier is built on over 40 years of expertise from more than 100 energy cases using the bubbling fluidized bed (BFB) incinerator. Its reliable and well-tested design has been improved with design elements from the Metso Outotec BFB gasifier to offer the best features of both technologies. The Advanced Staged Gasifier uses the same robust boiler design and gas cleaning equipment as Metso Outotec's other bubbling fluidized bed technologies.

The reduced bed area, due to gasification in the lower section, reduces the parasitic load of the fluidization blower by up to 30% compared to incineration, while reducing the tendency of the bed to sinter due to fuel with a low temperature melting point or its ash melting in the bed and causing it to fail.

Metso Outotec bubbling fluidized bed process benefits:

  • Neutralizes sulfur and other acid components in the fluidized bed    
  • Secures complete combustion and low emissions via multi-stage secondary air injection    
  • Optimizes chemical feeding points for efficient NOx suppression with minimal chemical consumption    
  • Reduces the ash load in the baghouse with multi-cyclones between the boiler and economizer sections    
  • Minimizes the dioxin de novo synthesis effect and dioxin emissions    
  • Reduces operational costs via staged gas cleaning, which allows the majority of the ash to be extracted as non-hazardous ash    
  • Reduces flue gas treatment chemical consumption and stack plume risk via semi-dry gas cleaning    

The Advanced Staged Gasifier cell works efficiently and reliably with a wide variety of waste-originated fuels. It is always designed to meet your exact fuel specification, taking into consideration fuel feed equipment, bed cleaning requirements, ash system dimensioning, and other factors.

The following options contribute to operational reliability even with demanding fuels:

  • Air preheating for high moisture and/or low heating value fuels    
  • In-bed and vapor space heat transfer tubing for high heating value fuels    
  • Exhaust gas recirculation


The Metso Outotec Advanced Staged Gasifier is especially suitable for fuels with a low ash-softening temperature due to the lower furnace temperature. Our bed material drawdown and recirculation technology eliminates disturbances in the bed area by removing any small agglomerations, even at low bed temperatures.

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