Bucketwheel stacker reclaimers

Efficient stockyard management

High capacity bulk materials storage and reclaim system at your service.
How it works

Two functions:

  • Stacking function – Receiving bulk material from a yard conveyor and transfer it to configured storage pile patterns (e.g. chevron, windrow and cone).

  • Reclaiming function – Recovering material from stockpiles and transfer it onto a yard conveyor for further disbursement or use.

All functions can be controlled remotely.

Three basic movements:

  • Luffing - This is the vertical up/down movement of the boom powered by two hydraulic cylinders.

  • Travelling - Travel trucks (usually in multiples of 4) move the machine on rail track along the stockpile yard.

  • Slewing - This is rotation of the boom around its central axis to align or place the stockpile where required.



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