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Screens and screening equipment

Reliable high-performance screening

Screens are commonly utilized in mining operations and aggregates production to separate rocks, ores, and other materials by size, shape or other characteristics. Whatever your process requirements, Metso Outotec has the screening equipment to fit your needs. Our screening professionals are eager to help you in finding the most productive and cost-effective solution for your application.

High performance

Easily adjust stroke and speed to optimize performance and increase efficiency.

Safety first design

Designed with room between decks, guards for moving parts, and rubber stabilizers.

Built for durable operation

Robust deck frame design, and uncompromised wear protection.

Maintenance friendly

Convenient access to replaceable parts and high availability of screening parts.

Screening solutions to match your sustainability targets
Screening solutions to match your sustainability targets

Cost-efficient screens for reliable results

Metso Outotec's screens offering consists of banana screens, horizontal screens, inclined screens, mobile screens, portable screens, and ultrafine screens. Each screen type has its benefits and restrictions. Our screening experts are happy to work with you to find the optimal screening equipment for your application.  

High performance
Easily adjust stroke and speed to optimize performance and increase efficiency. Choose from Metso Outotec's extensive selection of screening panel types and upgrade options to further improve performance.

Safety lead design
Operator safety comes first, which is why Metso Outotec screens have been designed with comfortable room between decks, guards and covers for moving parts, rubber stabilizers as standard, and configurable dust and noise protection.

Built for durable operation
Metso Outotec screens are built to last. Features such as the robust deck frame design, uncompromised wear protection, Modular Vibrators (Metso MV™), weld free side plates, and huck-bolted assembly reduce the need for maintenance and increase equipment lifetime.

Maintenance friendly
There comes a time when any machine needs maintenance to keep running efficiently. Metso Outotec has made it easy with convenient access to replaceable parts on our screens and high availability of screening parts. The modular design and wear and impact resistance linings serve to simplify and reduce the need for maintenance.

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Watch the video
Like to know how our screening solutions can help you reach your sustainability targets?
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Try the Screening media recommender
We help you identify the best screening media for your application based on your specific requirements.
Screening Media Handbook
There is an optimal screening media to maximize the efficiency in every screening application.

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