wheel on bridge reclaimers

Wheel on bridge reclaimers

Efficient material handling

A high degree blending is achieved by moving laterally across the stockpile face as the whole machine moves forward
How it works

Wheel on bridge (bucket wheel) reclaimers utilize two bucket wheels mounted so that they rotate around a bridge which travels up and down the stockpile.  To reclaim across the face of the stockpile, the bucket wheel systems travel along the bridge.  Each bucket wheel is fitted with an oscillating rake system to ensure that the material is distributed from the stockpile and falls into the path of the rotating bucket wheels.  The reclaimed material is discharged by the bucket wheels onto a transverse belt conveyor which delivers it to the downstore conveyor running alongside the stockpile.

By controlling the lateral movement of the bucket wheels in a planned manner, a high degree of blending is achieved.

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