Kiln seals

Kiln seals

Hands off, self-adjusting, and shell runout compensating seals for rotary equipment

Leading supplier of Leaf type seals for Rotary kilns, Dryers and Coolers, has been successfully marketing the Superdeal® and Goodeal™ air seals since 1987. To date, there have been over 400 applications of these air seals worldwide, in a variety of Pyro Processing related applications.
Superdeal® and Goodeal™ Seals
Superdeal® and Goodeal™ Seals

Our markets and sells the patented Superdeal® and Goodeal™ leaf type seals.  They give an all-around performance with low maintenance in most rotary kiln systems. 

The Superdeal® seal has applications for rotary kilns, dryers and coolers. Because of its low leakage characteristics, it is cost effective for most applications. Increased fuel efficiency, reduced off gas volumes and environmental compliance requirements are typical considerations for selecting this seal.

The Goodeal™ seal is utilized for less demanding conditions - where some air leakage is acceptable or actually desirable for process performance.

How it works?

The  Superdeal® consists of a dual layer of overlapping high strength spring steel leaves with ceramic fiber blankets between the layers.  The Goodeal™ consists of a single layer of overlapping high strength spring steel leaves.

The overlapping leaves form a seal while allowing the kiln to rotate freely. There are many different ways and reasons to arrange a rotary seal.  Both seals can be installed in a wide variety of configurations. The configuration on the left shows a standard radial seal configuration. Some other common configurations include:

  • Radial seal with stand off wear ring
  • Inward radial seal
  • Radial seal with air cooling
  • Double radial seal with purge gas
  • Axial seal
  • Inward axial seal
  • Inverted axial seal
Kiln seals - How it works


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