Metso Outotec provides reliable, efficient and advanced filtration solutions for a wide-range of industrial applications backed by a comprehensive and industry leading service support.

Strong legacy

Metso Outotec has nearly a century of experience in supplying industrial filtration equipment and services.

Sustainable productivity

Metso Outotec industrial filtration solutions meet the challenging requirements in a variety of process industries due to their flexible operation, design and superior results.

Engineered for industrial processes

A leading developer of solid-liquid separation products and solutions with industrial processes at the core.

Leading process know-how

Metso Outotec has a unique Dewatering Technology Center (DTC) in Lappeenranta, Finland where R&D and testing is done with close cooperation on research with universities.

Infographic: How Industrial Filtration Enriches Modern Life
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Metso Outotec filtration history timeline

How industrial filtration enriches modern life


Filtration makes industrial processes possible. From fluid catalytic cracking used in the production of gasoline to the refinement of industrial minerals used in construction and daily household products, it all goes through a filter.


From shopping bags and paper packaging for takeout to the pigments and dyes in clothing, the world of commerce relies on filtration for goods and services.


Industrial filtration also plays a critical role in our daily sustenance, impacting the foods we eat, the way we cook and the vitamins we take every day.

Markets & Applications

Dewatering Technology Center

Metso Outotec has a unique world-class Dewatering Technology Center (DTC) located in Lappeenranta, Finland.

  • Decades of testing experience resulting in more than 14 000 test cases in the dewatering database globally (allowing the determination of suitability of the filter type)
  • All the filter type technologies can be tested in DTC or on-site for various applications
  • Expert support for different process challenges
  • Global auxiliary sizing support
  • Close cooperation with universities on separation technology research


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Mining filtration
Comprehensive, smart and sustainable dewatering solutions for the toughest mining applications in concentrates and tailings coupled with an unmatched global service portfolio and expertise.