Apron feeders

Apron feeders

Economic and reliable for continued operations

Apron feeders are a reliable solution for extracting or feeding ores that are wet, sticky, dry or even frozen. Apron feeder's diversity can be found throughout the mineral processing circuit fitting different applications with robust designs and high uptime for a more efficient operation.

120+ years of experience in feeding in the mining industry

+3,000 installations of apron feeders found around the world

5 year warranty policy for apron feeders

Up to 17,000 tons per hour feeding capacity

Metso Outotec pre-configured feeding solutions files now available
Looking for 3D models and drawings that will help optimize your project flowsheet transition into a plant layout then ultimately to equipment specifications? Metso Outotec is streamlining your ability to find STP, DWG, General Arrangements (GA) and more data from Metso Outotec's pre-configured feeding solutions without having to contact a representative.

Built for lasting performance

Apron feeders are built for reliability and performance in any duty needed in mining. With over 120 years of experience in material feeding, Metso Outotec has developed a global standard in apron feeders. Our robust design makes our apron feeders a truly economic and reliable material handling solution for increasing uptime and overall efficiency.

No matter the duty, Apron feeders will be available to keep your operations running smoothly with increased uptime. 



Apron feeders are available in a standard range. Our offering provides heavy-duty feeding and extraction from many applications.

Our apron feeders have also been proven to only require minimal maintenance if properly maintained. Which results in less downtime and increased productivity bringing profitability.



Apron feeders are built robust and provide capacities up to 17,000 tons per hour. Our components that make up the feeder provide a long wear life. 

Extreme safety measures are taken into consideration. We provide no lift design of tail or side guards and make sure to meet and exceed any safety standards and regulations.


5-year warranty

Metso Outotec also offers a 5-year warranty on apron feeders. This warranty covers the entire feeder, except regular wear on pans. We do cover cracking or failure, but also Metso Outotec will require a 1-day inspection by Metso Outotec per year and any recommendation must be implemented.


For more information on apron feeders, download our brochure!

Services for apron feeders
Have questions related to your apron feeder? Check out our blog series, Feeding the Facts, where we dig into the most asked questions about apron feeders.


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