In plant conveyor solutions delivers flexible connectivity that takes the flexibility in design and allows for easy connection into greenfield or brownfield plants.

In-Plant conveyor solutions

Flexible connectivity

In-plant operations require efficient material handling for high cycle times and high production. Metso Outotec in-plant conveyor solutions focus on flexibility and ease of connection into greenfield or brownfield operations to maximize productivity.

Accurate flow control

Precise feed rate for optimal production


Robust equipment and proven experience


Customizable and compact conveyor designs

Operational efficiency

High uptime and quick maintenance

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Flexible and efficient material transportation

In-plant conveyors are used to interconnect within brownfield or greenfield operations. Distances can be long or short and can be used for a wide range of mining applications that can be indoor or outdoors.

Metso Outotec in-plant solutions focus on flexibility and ease of integration into your plant. With customizable solutions, you will find that Metso Outotec's offer for in-plant conveyors allows for increased uptime and higher overall operational efficiency. We offer three solutions as part of our in-plant portfolio: Belt feeders, belt conveyors and high-angle conveyors.

Accurate flow control

Our in-plant conveying solutions are tested and proven to provide precise feed control. This leads to optimized material transportation and increased efficiency.



The in-plant conveyor solutions are designed from years of proven experience with robust components to handle any mining duty operation.


Our in-plant conveyors are completely customizable to fit into your operation. This allows for simple and easy integration into any greenfield or brownfield plant.

Operational efficiency

Operational efficiency leads to increased cycle times, higher productivity and overall more profit.

The in-plant conveyors bring high uptime due to the ease of maintenance and robust components built to last.

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