en masse conveyors

En-masse conveyors

One flexible design to replace your conventional set-up

En-masse conveyors can be used both vertically and horizontally. Working simultaneously as traditional conveyors as well as elevators, en-masse conveyors have a single machine capacity of over 600 tons per hour and can withstand temperatures up to 400 degrees Celsius (900 degrees Fahrenheit) which makes them perfect for transporting any material.

Well protected

No spillage, compaction or fugitive dust.

Low installation and maintenance costs

High-quality materials. Pre-assembled casing sections.

Minimal space requirement

Increase efficiency and decrease operational costs.


A single Metso Outotec en-masse conveyor is able to replace multiple conventional units.

Better reclamation and distribution for bulk materials with en-masse conveyors

En-masse conveyors are constructed from long-wearing materials in completely enclosed and dust-tight casings and are available in both open and closed-circuit configurations. They come equipped with several inlets and outlets for ease of use but most importantly, they have self-feeding capabilities which eliminate the need for rotary valves and feeders.

Well protected

Metso Outotec en-masse conveyors are robustly constructed to ensure not only a lack of spillage, compaction or fugitive dust but also gentle handling of products.

Low installation and maintenance costs

Casing sections are pre-assembled in a machinery factory, which makes installation at the site easy and cost-effective. Due to the high-quality materials used in production, you can be assured of the reliability and low operational costs of the machines in the long run.

Minimal space requirements

En-masse conveyors don’t need as much space as other similar equipment and can therefore be positioned economically to increase efficiency and decrease operational costs.


Thanks to the self-feeding capacity of the en-masse conveyors, they are able to replace the functionality of feeders and rotary valves so you get more operational capacity with less equipment.

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