Ash conditioners

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Total fly ash conditioning system

Metso Outotec mixer / conditioner / unloader effectively transforms dry fly ash into uniformly wetted ash resulting in a completely controlled, efficient and dust-free operation with capacities ranging from 1 to 400 tons per hour. Larger units are available upon request.
Ash conditioner
How it works?

Water, pressure precisely controlled with an external control valve is sprayed into the ash as it is moved by the mixing paddles.  The water is sprayed through specially designed V-jet and hollow cone nozzles which ensure a fine spray and maximum spread and distribution.

Inclined mixing paddle blades, arranged in a helix on a pair of counter-rotating shafts, move material from the bottom of the chamber up each side and force the ash down between the shafts.  This action “kneads” the fly ash for maximum exposure of ash to water.  The action of the mixing paddles moves the wetted ash from the inlet area to the outlet end of the chamber.  The uniformly wet material is discharged through a chute at the bottom of the chamber.



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